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30 Day Sit Up Challenge

Do 3000 sit ups in 30 days. 100 sit ups a day.
Sunday April, 1 2012 15:02:51 Attempt

Poking said

Thursday March, 28 2013 07:40:05

A little harder than I thought, it's only day 1 so hopefully things will get easier. Got tough around 70 sit ups. Only stopped twice, lets see how tomorrow goes!

Fallestine said

Saturday April, 27 2013 22:48:01

Harder than anticipated but totally do-able. First time took 7mins

johnsonandrea123 said

Sunday May, 5 2013 10:12:04

day 1. just got out of basic training for the army. i didnt make it but i still love pt. and i already finshed day 1. all 100 sit ups. :)

Brooklyn2000 said

Tuesday August, 13 2013 04:41:22

Ok. I will attempt to do 25 before bed. Then after I eat breakfast I will do another 25.

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