30 Days of Photos

I will take one photo for 30 days. To each photo, a description of how I felt at the moment I took the photo. (ie, reflective, angry, inspi...

Beginner's Push-Up Challenge

Work your way up to 30 push-ups!

100 squats every day

Do 100 squats everyday

A year in selfies

Take a selfie every day for a year and upload them to youtube after a year. :)

Morning routine challenge

For 30 days I will follow this morning routine:
5:00am Wake and exercise
5:30am Coffee/write in journal
6:00am Make lunches
6:30am Shower/dressed
7:00am Breakfast

30 Days of Walking & No Crossfit

I will be walking for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. There will be no weights or crossfit classes (like normal) during this challenge. I want to demonstrate that often our bodies do not require strenuous all the time for us to reach health and weightloss goals. I am also challenging myself with having patience during my own health and weightloss goals/challenge. I have spent lots of money in crazy fitness classes and with trainers and still not gotten to the actual goal. I experienced increased strength, increased muscle form, and some fat loss, but I am a sugar burner and I feel I can reset my body and tap into the fat burning, which is what is necessary for fat loss along with decreasing and eliminating sugar intake.

squat challenge

I want a beautiful butt!!


I need 30 days to kick start my HUGE weight loss goal of 17kg. By keeping to my strict diet for 30 days, I know I can do it for 60, 90, 120 days! I just need 30 days of focus and dedication to the goal to empower me to continue.

30 days of yoga

Join me in doing yoga for thirty days. Basically I have been getting a bit of a belly and I want to nip it in the bud early on, so I am challenging myself to do yoga every day of April.

Walk/run 30 minutes a day

Being in my final year of university I have found it difficult to find time to exercise, now that the year is nearly over I want to get back to exercise before I find another excuse

No Processed Sugar

I can eat fruits, veggies, yogurt, and food with natural sugar in it, but no processed sugar. So I can't eat any sweets.

A photo a day

What's a better idea than capturing a moment (or more) a day for 30 days?

Learn Spanish

Finish two lesson a day on duolingo.com learning Spanish.
Why? Because it is fun learning a new language, and super useful.
I don't know anything about the Spanish language, but that's changing now!

30 days of decluttering

To spend 15 minutes per day filing, throwing away, sorting, shredding and putting away in my home office so that I can find things and work on my desk.

To watch 30 movies in 30 days

I love watching movies yet seem to watch the same few repeatedly. My challenge is to watch 30 movies I have never seen before in 30 days. This can include DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming or going to the cinema.

"Keeping in touch"

Hi I'm a Global Nomad. I meet new people and make new friends all the time. But what I am struggling with is keeping in touch.
Do you find that even with ALL the technology in the world like Blogging, Tweeting, iMessage, WhatsApp, email, WeChat and even snail mail that you don't keep in touch with people you have met and friends you don't see anymore?
How many people do you REALLY keep in touch with?
I Challenge you to for 30 days to get back in touch.
Email, text, Skype. Do whatever it takes to reach out to 1 person each day that you haven't been in touch with for a long time.
That is my challenge to you!

30 Mr Men books in 30 days

I was never a big reader as a kid and there are loads of children's books I would love to read. So this is the start of several challenges, to read books from childhood you think you have read but actually haven't.

1) Mr Tickle
2) Mr Greedy
3) Mr Happy
4) Mr Nosey
5) Mr Sneeze
6) Mr Bump
7) Mr Snow
8) Mr Messy
9) Mr Topsy-Turvy
10) Mr Silly
11) Mr Uppity
12) Mr Small
13) Mr Daydream
14) Mr Forgetful
15) Mr Jelly
16) Mr Noisy
17) Mr Lazy
18) Mr Funny
19) Mr Mean
20) Mr Chatterbox
21) Mr Fussy
22) Mr Bounce
23) Mr Muddle
24) Mr Dizzy
25) Mr Impossible
26) Mr Strong
27) Mr Grumpy
28) Mr Clumsy
29) Mr Quiet
30) Mr Rush

Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves