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What is 30 Day Challenges?

30 Day Challenges is centered around the challenges that people set themselves daily. All the time, everywhere you look people, objects or companies are challenging you to do something.

We have a challenge tracker for you to keep track of your progress, you can attempt challenges other people have added to the site, amongst other things. You can also connect with other users as well as sharing your challenges on your favourite social networks.

Why 30 Day Challenges?

There are so many reasons! Here are some you may like...

  • It's free, and always will be!
  • Challenge Tracker - to keep track of your challenges
  • Personalized News Feed - to keep track of your friends
  • Friend Finder - to find interesting members of the community
  • Challenge Comments - to encourage and be encouraged by the community
  • Easy one click login - with Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tumblr
  • Follow users to fill your News Feed and comment on their unique profiles
  • Featured Challenges - for your monthly fix!
  • ...and much more. Sign up today!

Featured Challenge

30 Day Song Challenge

1. Listen to a song that it's title has your favorite color in it.
ex) My favorite color is blue, so I'd listen to Dark Blue...